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Digital analytics

Team work

You know your business better than we do. Our job is to help you leverage the immense value of the data available to you across the digital analytics realm. We need to do this in a way that's directly relevant to the world you operate in. We've worked with businesses in many different verticals doing just this.

In our experience, combining the knowledge our clients have about their business with our domain expertise in digital analytics, together we can deliver on the goals we set ourselves.

"The meetings with Hugh felt like a real collaboration, with him drawing on my knowledge of our site and customers, combined with his considerable Google Analytics and data analysis experience."

Here are just some of the many questions we help our clients find answers to:

  • What motivates customers / users?

  • How effective are gift incentives?

  • How much incremental revenue is generated via a live chat support channel?

  • Why are users visiting your website?

  • How satisfied were users with their experience on your website?

  • Which elements of your page design deliver the greatest level of utility to users?

"Hugh provides an insightful, thoughtful view on data analytics, with extremely strong technical and stakeholder management skills. Working with him has been a pleasure and a learning experience."

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