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Thank you Hugh and thank you Engage Digital.


You were instrumental in turning our business around and providing us with invaluable website analysis and statistics that guided our path over the past 4 years and allowed us to achieve our most profitable year yet.


As a person, you are easy to deal with: factual, open and extremely analytical; yet also creative, with great ideas and proactive recommendations. Indeed, you are a pleasure to work with and over the years have challenged old and out-dated preconceptions, advocating change in this ever changing world of digital marketing.


I highly recommend your services to anyone. Thank you from Imagine Ireland and from me as a person.

Imeagine Ireland
Astrid Nitzsche - Director – Imagine Ireland

We commissioned Engage Digital to work on an analysis project (for, specifically mapping out the performance of key pages and the behaviour of visitor segments.

I was impressed with the service provided – The report that was created was well presented and comprehensive from cover to cover, allowing us to create a clear list of tasks to action.

The meetings with Hugh felt like a real collaboration, with him drawing on my knowledge of our site and customers, combined with his considerable Google Analytics and data analysis experience.

I would not hesitate to recommend Hugh and engage digital to anyone who is serious about analysing customer behaviour & improving conversions of their website.

Berry Bros & Rudd
Eva Polaki - Research & Analytics Manager – Berry Bros and Rudd

Working with Engage Digital has always been an eye opening experience… and a pleasure.

What you quickly realise working with Hugh is that this is no standard digital ‘analytics’ delivery. Yes, he can ‘drive’ Google Analytics, but what impresses most is his ability to formulate the right questions to ask to make the metrics work. He then provides real analysis of the data.

Hugh delivers a real planner’s view of your data.

Further, he is generous to a fault. He helped me understand how to use my tools well, but what he really taught [me] was how to look at the data, how to query it, and how to correlate the different parts of it to create real insights….

I don’t (and have never) hesitated to recommend Engage-Digital to anyone who really values insightful analysis about real people and what their online actions mean.

Clare O’Brien: Managing Director – CDA

I worked with Engage Digital for 5 years. Their value lies in understanding your business objectives.

Once these are established Engage can help you to report to key stakeholders on digital performance as well as using analytics to make changes to digital content, platforms and strategy to enhance performance.

Working with them is always a pleasure, he is professional, knowledgable and very likeable.


Graham Smith Associate director, digital marketing – Savills

His patient tutorial style has been extremely beneficial and I feel confident that I can now interrogate Analytics and properly interpret the results rather than just extract the data and produce nice reports.

I shan’t pretend I’m an expert, probably more of an intermediate improver at the time of writing this, but with Hugh’s assistance reached this level fairly quickly.

Luton Airport

Louise Ross Digital Marketing & Communications – London Luton Airport

Hugh provides an insightful, thoughtful view on data analytics, with extremely strong technical and stakeholders management skills. Working with him has been a pleasure and a learning experience.

Middlesex university

Mariangela Federico Web Manager – Middlesex University

I am fortunate enough to have worked with Hugh over the last three years. In that time Hugh has demonstrated his enviable ability to distill data into actionable insights that have added significant value to the business.

Not only is he technically brilliant and professional, Hugh is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is personable, a great communicator and considered by us all as one of the team.

Watches of Switzerland group

Marie-Clare Dixon Head of E-commerce – Aurum Holdings

I worked with Hugh on a detailed website analytics project, where he delivered a comprehensive strategy, and also helped support the direct implementation and testing of this strategy.

Hugh is extremely professional and very knowledgable and always goes out of his way to help find the best solutions for his clients. He listens carefully and takes the time to really understand the needs and challenges of his clients. 

Hugh’s advice and support have been instrumental to our business, in helping to understand user activity and insights. This information is now directly contributing to the future strategy of Open to Export.

I very much look forward to working with Hugh again in the future.

open to export

David Lowe Director of Product & Operations – Open To Export

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