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Engage Digital keeps costs down for its clients by keeping its own costs down.

We work with businesses large and small. We take special satisfaction in helping business grow, and we've worked with a few. 

Our team comprises of outsourced specialists who we've been working with for years.

Hugh Gage
Hugh Gage
Founder and Principal Analyst
Google Analytics 4 - officially certified

I'm an analyst, by trade and by nature. 

I've worked with more than 30 businesses in retail, education, food and drink, travel and leisure, finance, media, B2B, legal and the list is growing.

As a consequence I'm able to transfer learnings and fresh ideas across industries where relevant.

I'm proud to have worked with many of my clients for several years and much of my work comes from referrals and repeat business.

A critical part of the work I do for my clients is in learning about their businesses. Not only is this critical for delivery of the services that I offer but it's also one of the most interesting aspects of any engagement.

"You were instrumental in turning our business around... and allowed us to achieve our most profitable year yet"


With 25 years experience in digital marketing I've had the privilege of working with clients of all sizes, across many different industries and on two continents (Europe and Asia). That's given me quite a broad perspective.


Perhaps most importantly I understand and appreciate the value of communicating to businesses in their own language rather than asking them to learn my language. I consider this to be vital in order that progress can be made.


I spend much of my time with numbers, as a result I'm good not only at drawing out insight but also a weaving a narrative - critical for communicating what can often be quite dry information.


While the starting point will so often be the data, it's by no means the end point. As often as possible I will introduce qualitative data in the form of on-site surveys, unstructured customer feedback, usability studies, session cam recordings, heat maps, scroll maps... the list goes on. This is vital in helping understand the 'why?'

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